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Welcome to the virtual web presence and virtual abode of voice talent Elly B

Professional voice over artist and singer

Hi and welcome to the Elly B Voices website.
Elly B is an award winning industry voice talent professional with 25 years experience. The following will give you an insight into the scope of her talents and abilities.
What does she do?....Lets begin...
By viewing Elly's bio, you will see that she has many years of professional experience working with many established and high profile industries, these include prime specialist industries as in the following.

  • Corporate companies 
  • Media 
  • Video film production houses 
  • Video game companies 
  • Audio production studios 
  • Music and the performing arts industries 
  • Broadcasting, TV, film and radio 
  • Entertainment and much more! 

Elly's professional experience covers many fields. The following is a collage of her many talents.

  • Voice over talent 
  • Voice actor 
  • Voice coach 
  • Voice development trainer 
  • Vocalist 
  • Singer 
  • Actress 
  • Studio session singer 
  • Professional Singer 
  • Voice directing 
  • Voice producing 
  • voice casting 
  • Voice analysis 
  • Voice scripting 
  • Foreign language voice overs and translation 
  • Custom bespoke vocal sound effects 
  • Dialogue transcriber 
  • Dialogue deciphering 
  • Speech linguistics 

File Transfer

As partner of an audio production recording studio facility, small to large files of audio data can be sent and received. Files can be received and delivered in industry standard formats such as MP3, Aiff, Wave, Avi, Mpeg, Ogg to name a few.


EllyB voice talent services are custom bespoke and tailored to each client's specifications and individual requirements.

A custom audition script is also encouraged so that the cllient can hear for themselves how Elly's voice would actually sound when recorded.


Voice over services are offered to:

  • The corporate market sector 
  • Small to large businesses and firms 
  • Production houses 
  • Corporations 
  • Organisations and institutions 
  • Individual members of the public 
  • And to anyone wishing to hire the services of a quality voiceover professional 

Voice samples

Through professional training, experience as well as through utilising her natural vocal ability and flexibility, EllyB has learnt to develop and shape the voice to adapt to any vocal project! A demonstartion can be found on the samples page.

As Elly continually updates her voice demos from time to time, we do encourage you to book mark this site and check back often regarding any updates.

Remember your source for audio production!

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To hire Elly B Telephone: +44 07979772601